Shakespeare in Italy: new exposition section


ridotta3 LH 13, La Tempesta, Miranda and Ferdinand

Organized to celebrate the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare (1564-1616)’s death, the exhibition aims to reconstruct the shifting theatrical and critical fortune of the playwright’s works in Italy. We mainly used the prestigious volumes belonging to the noble families of the Bourbon of Sorbello and Ranieri di Sorbello. Being collectors of books and scholars, their volumes date back to the 18th-20th century and comprise both English editions and critical studies. By means of short explanatory panels, we shed light on some of the long-standing controversies about Shakespeare’s identity and focus on the interpretations proposed by the Encyclopedists  and by some 18th and 19th century Italian intellectuals and artists.
Along with the exhibition, two videos show the 19th– and 20th-century actors performing the Shakespearean plays in Italy and reproductions of images and engravings from works belonging to the Library.