A Force and the escape and evasion of Allied POWs in Italy (1943-1945)

During the 2nd World War, the British services and in particular “IS9″ (Intelligence School N. 9), also known as “A-Force”, encouraged the escape and evasion of Allied prisoners-of-war, by sending missions of parachuted agents, or by other means.
In Italy these mission started after the armistice of September 1943 when thousands of Allied POWs escaped from the camps. IS9 undertook continuative action, putting together a number of Sections that could count on the collaboration of Italian agents, recruited for that purpose.
One of these Sections, to which Uguccione Ranieri di Sorbello participated with roles of responsibility, operated along the Adriatic coast during the winter 1943-44 with very good results.
Later Uguccione was parachuted in the Eastern Alps, where the mission of “IS9″ was that of organizing the escape of stranded Allied pilots.
The Foundation preserves a large amount of copies of archival documents (mainly from archives in Washington and in London), correspondence, memoirs and other material on the subject.

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