The register consists of brief information sheets divided in two parts:

  1. On the left hand, the formal data, i.e. (starting from the top) the details concerning the original archiving of the document in the archives of London or Washington, the senders/addressees of the document, the date (specifying whether it is presumed or certain), other document identification elements (for instance, the order to send a copy to other addressees, the presence of duplicates, etc.), the presence of the document in Perugia Liberata. Documenti anglo-americani sull’occupazione alleata di Perugia, the location (hardcopy, electronic files and position in the register) in the Foundation archives.
  2. On the right hand, the substantial elements: the title which in the majority of cases will be the same, and an abstract in Italian

The register was compiled by Dr. Simone Slaviero.

N.B. Register model and the list of documents are available only in Italian version. See…

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