October 1944

RG331 10504/128/5 Monthly Reports July 1944-Nov 1944




3 November 1944
SUBJECT: Monthly Report – October
TO: H.Q., Lazio-Umbria Region

A) Political Reactions. end Popular Opinion: Our policy has been to discourage political activity in this area South of the Army Control line, as no political activity is permitted in Army area, and unrestrained political activity would produce unfavourable reactions In the Northern Area. The necessity for this has been appreciated by the political leaders.
There is some desire for more newspapers and in general greater liberty.
On Saturday, Oct 21st, a meeting of all the 59 sindacos of the province, together with the principal Italian officials, and the A.M.G. officers of the province was held in Perugia, followed by a luncheon. Colonel Poletti RC. and Lt. Col Bonham-Carter attended, and Col. Poletti made at the luncheon a speech which was very well received.
B) Local Government: Nominations for the Deputazione Provinciale have been submitted by the Prefect and approved on security grounds by the P.S. Divisions and approved by me and the Deputazione is in. process of organisation.
C) Economic Resources and Supply: The chief shortages which create discontent are salt (200 grammes a month only) and the absence of fats. Crushing of windfall crops of olive oil has started and the province will be self sufficient in Olive oil by December.
300 tons of salt for normal consumption were promised for the last week in October and have not arrived. Also 385 tons have been requested for curing meat and this is a matter of great urgency.
An industrial Reorganisation Board has been formed to reactivate industry and is commencing to function.
158 tons of A.M.G. food was received.
D) Agriculture: 6465 tons of wheat were exported to Rome, an average of 224 tons per day.
4655 suckling pigs were exported to Rome Province, Littoria, Frosinone and Rieti.
There was an outbreak of swine fever in Todi, Marsciano and Corciano, but this is now under control.
Practically the entire grain crop, estimated at 1,830,000 to 2,000,000 quintals has been thrashed and about 800,000 quintals amassed.
E) LABOUR: discontent has arisen due to the premature publication on the wireless of the proposed wage increases, as the population naturally expect that the increase will come into force immediately.
G.O. No. 28 has been published and the necessary organisation set up.
F) Public Works and Utilities: The amount of electricity now available is 3230 kilowatts which is strictly rationed.
There is now no problem in regard to water supply.
A limited supply of gas has been made available in Perugia city.
G) Public Safety and Functioning of Courts: Detected crime remains very low. In spite of the very great number of troops in the area only 228 crimes were tried in A.M.G. Courts, more than 50% of which were heard in Perugia city.
There is no abnormal amount of crime or disorder.
A total of 875 public employees have been dismissed on account of Fascist connections.
The P.P.S.O. reports that there has been improvement in the operation of the Questura.
H) Public Health: Public health remains good and no special problems have arisen, though a greater supply of medicine is needed for sale in chemists shops.
I) The great number of troops in the province presents the chief problem. Many schools have been requisitioned, which makes the reopening of schools in that area impossible.
J) Refugees: After being temporarily closed 21 Evacuation Camp, Assisi has been reopened and takes 800 refugees a week to Rome and the South.
K) Communications: 20 bridges have been completed under provincial supervision, 15 or more under communal supervision, 102 are under construction and 370 surveyed. Communes are also being pressed to carry out the maximum amount of local repairs even if of a temporary nature.
It is estimated 6,500 persons are employed on road and bridge works.
2 stone quarries are being operated for work on roods.
L) Property Control: The Fascist organisation E.O.E.L.I the sequestrator of property has been eliminated and the real estate section of Banca Nazionale del Lavoro substituted.
Full information has been obtained with regard to blocked assets of Allied Nationals, which amount to cash over 300,000 an securities over 350,000 lire.
M) Finance: General course of business satisfactory, and deposits calculated to be £250,000,000.
£750,000,00 have been advanced to finance grain harvest.
49 Communes presented their budgets for the quarter July-September; R.F.O. approved 28 and advanced £9,077,440.
Only 18 submitted budgets for the next quarter and the R.F.O. approved one only.
Post Offices: 303 Post Offices received advances during the month for an amount of £29,454,000 from the head office.
The A.M.G. expenses for the month were 918,596 lire.
N) General: Capt. Godbold has been in hospital for several weeks as a result of an automobile accident and will probably continue in hospital for several weeks longer.

Provincial Commissioner
Perugia Province

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