Library holdings

Antiquarian Section: this comprises about 500 editions from the 15th – 17th centuries. There are numerous volumes relating to texts of ancient literature, mostly in the Latin language. Each volume has been catalogued, with bibliographic references and full critical apparatus. The existence of manuscripts relating to the 15th to 18th centuries should also be noted.

Historical Section: this is the main section of the Library, comprising over 8,000 volumes; the section was closed in 1995, and covers a vast number of subjects. Worthy of mention are the volumes relating to Italian and Umbrian travel literature, texts on local history, volumes relating to Italian literature, books of children’s literature, those relating to heraldry and volumes on the French revolution, some of which were written by contemporary observers of the event. Also of interest is the rich collection of volumes of English and American literature, with authors from Shakespeare to the 20th century. We should also mention the volumes relating to the history of art and the numerous catalogues of Italian and foreign exhibitions. There are also books on botany, agriculture and gastronomy. Among the rare books in the collection we would draw special attention to the third edition of the Encyclopédie Française, printed in Livorno in 1770.

Modern Section: this is an open section, containing works of Italian, European and American modern and contemporary history and a collection dedicated to the Second World War and the Italian campaign (1943-1945). There are also volumes on economic history and a collection of texts and documents on the history of European integration, plus travel literature. Special attention has been paid to acquisitions in the English language.

Miscellaneous Section: this is made up of about 3.300 publications, pamphlets newspaper articles and typescripts under 100 pages in length, covering innumerable subjects over a period stretching from the 17th to the 20th century. Among others, there are booklets relating to family wedding publications (mostly Perugian), funeral notices and obituaries, opera librettos and almanacs. Many items are connected to the local history of Perugia, Foligno, Gubbio and other centres.

Documentary Collections: features a collection of published and unpublished material on the Allied Military Government in Umbria (1944-1945), including a collection of photographs and filmed accounts.

Also remember some important recently acquired Sections and a remarkable collection of periodicals.

In addition to donations, we also trade with other libraries or institutions.

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