RG 331 10504/128/1 Correspondence File July 1944-April 1945



FILE No. PE/ADM/43 PERUGIA 5 March 1945
SUBJECT Monthly report – Feb 1945
TO HQ, Lazio-Umbria region
Attn. Executive Officer


There is nothing of note to report under this head. The Communist Party appears to be rather more active than normal in a small section of the province and the situation is being specially watched.


It is now possible to be more definite regarding the efficiency of the Administration. The general tone is clearly set by the personality of the Prefect, who is the center of the liberal element in the Province. He is by nature a compromiser rather than a strong man, with the result that while political difficulties are at minimum, the administrative machine is somewhat lacking in drive. On the whole, however, the situation can be considered reasonably satisfactory and no major changes are at present contemplated. The Questore has resigned and the Vice-Questore temporarily appointed to the vacancy. There is still a shortage of Communal Secretaries.


General: Nothing special to report.
Industry: The arrival of the Officer from region IV industry Division was most welcome. His almost immediate hospitalisation was regrettable and it is still impossible to report progress in this sphere.


Olive Oil: production of oil as of 24 Feb. stands at 2,850 tons (an increase of 450 tons for the month) of which 900 tons have, been amassed. This is an increase of only 100 tons for the month, compared with the Jan figure of 500 tons The situation is not good and the ‘drive’ carried out during the month has brought to light many cases of illegal activity (see also Section G). It is hoped that the special steps already taken will result in an improvement in March.
Grain: Total grain amassed as of 24 Feb. was 87,200 tons, an increase of 1200 for the month, making a total of 5000 tons in excess of the target. Exports to 24 Feb. total 27000 tons, being an increase of 4700 tons for the month.
Live Stock: The livestock markets are still closed and will remain so during March. On authorities issued from ROME a new high of 8437 swine were exported, as a result of private purchases. This has not made the provision of pigs for. vaccine production any easier. The cattle situation Is as follows (1) Cattle slaughtered for consumption by hospitals institutions and the population … 49 tons (2) Made available to ROME. hospitals etc.. 8 tons(19 Lead) (3) Delivered to Vatican City 7 tons (4) Permits approved for breeding cattle 220 head. Open market prices vary between 190 to 225 lire per kilo (live weight) which shows the 50 lire per kg being paid in respect of the 30 to 40 head per month for ROME hospitals in a meat unfavourable light. Recognition of this would probably enable the export to be increased tenfold.
Eggs: The controlled price of 20 lire per egg, (reported last month) was reduced by subsequent negotiations to 17 lire.
Fuel: Wood and charcoal supplies have been just enough to meet Army and Provincial demands and export of charcoal remains blocked.
General: Preparation for spring sowing proceeds, though the reported non-availability of fertilizers will have the Inevitable effect. Sulphur and copper sulphate for future combating of fruit tree and grapevine blight is an important demand. The Directors of the Inspectorate of Agriculture and UPSEA are commended by the Provincial Agricultural Officer for their diligence.


A conference bus been held. which should obviate anomalies in connection with civil contractors’ wage agreements, in comparison with the rates paid by the Army. Public Works contractors have been ordered to apply the Assegni Familiari Scheme in its entirety (which has not been the case up to the present time).


Public Works: The current position is as follows:
Bridges: Surveyed 417, under construction 88, Completed 73. Cost of the work on hand, lire 113.000.000.
Aqueducts: Completed 5 communal aqueducts., cost L490.000. Under repairs:
Perugia (Both almost completed. progress 98%)
Nocera Umbra (almost completed, progress 98%).
16 other communal aqueducts, average progress 60%.
Cost of the work on hand, lire 6.300.000.
Roads: Classified as military and under repair Approx. 380 miles. Cost, lire 43,000000.
Ditto to be repaired as and when supplies are available approx. 85 miles cost L40.900.000.
Other Works: Necessary repair to Provincial and communal buildings, clearance of debris etc. cost, lire 6.454.000.
Completed In February, amount lire 500.000.
Utilities: With the able assistance of Capt. Wade-Brown an (Italian) Electric Power Allocation Commission has been activated. It will deal with C.R.E. through the Provincial Commissioner’s Office and its terms of reference include:
a) Screening all requests for power.
b) Preparation of priority list for applications, in the hope that total power availability will be increased.
c) Scrutiny of consumers already connected and preparation of lists for disconnection, in the event of the power allocation being reduced. It is hoped that the Yugoslav Engineer from Region IV Engineering Division can be prevailed upon to reside in Perugia, as AMG technical adviser on electrical matters. His presence would greatly assist. in meeting the point made under this heading in my Jan. report.


January reduction in cases tried has not been maintained and February cases have returned to the December figure. The Courts have functioned well, but there seems to be an indication of sloth in prosecuting delinquents in Italian Courts.
Some 20 olive oil amassing offences are under investigation, but so far only 5 have been brought to trial and much of the deterrent effect and rapid dispensation of justice has thus been lost. However, it is hoped that It will be possible to report radical improvement In March. The standard of training and equipment of Police agencies still requires improvement.


Public Health: Public health has been good, hospitals are short of linen and medicines. while the distribution of the latter to Communes is still not quite satisfactory.
Displaced Persons: The distribution of Army rations through the unofficial Yugoslav Relief Committee was stopped, as of 28 Feb. In the face of stiff opposition, the official policy of concentration of displaced persons at Cine Città Camp is being carried out.
Welfare: The Italian Assistenza Sociale appears to be functioning adequately under the direction of General Paoletti. Revitalising of the ECAs by provision of funds is proceeding satisfactorily and the soup kitchens appear to have reached a high ,standard of efficiency.


All school premises. in Perugia Commune are still occupied by the Army. Some alternative accommodation has been arranged for the intermediate schools but only 50 of the elementary schools will restart on 1 March.
The co-ed schools for children whose parents are in Libya will shortly present two problems. Firstly the temporary accommodation allotted when the original premises were requisitioned by the Army is very cramped and is unsuitable for summer occupation. Secondly some of these “children” are new rising 20 years old, and it is feared in some quarters that the combination of propinquity and spring may produce special difficulties.


Road: A number of vehicle circulation permits were withdrawn at the time of the short notice change over from red to yellow permits. It is hoped by this step to procure tyres which can be requisitioned for more essential needs. The tightening of control over the Uff. Prov. Trasporti has resulted in a considerable reduction in uneconomic loads.
Rail: An urgent bid for an allocation of 30 tons of rail space per week. for carrying fruit from Naples to Bastia. If this is granted the present haul will be cut to less uneconomic proportions.
Telecommunications: During the month, .100 telephone services have been reactivated, between localities hitherto without means of communication.


There are now only nine unsettled cases, and conclusion of these depends on action by the property owners.


Banks, Post Office and currency. Bank. savings deposits at nearly 2 billion lire have Almost doubled since liberation. Central bank currency reserves continued to mount steeply reaching 132 million on 20 Feb. Against 87 million at 31 Dec 44. The combined net addition to post office current and savings account balances and postal band investments is 64 million lire since liberation. Nearly all of this is in respect of current accounts (bonds show a reduction of over 1 million in spite of the high interest offered).
Social Insurance: Applications for unemployment allowance which rose to 900 in Nov. were down to 626 in Jan.(compared with a pre-war average of 2/300).


The new patriot officer has reported for duty.

C. Norman Ramsey
Lt. Colonel F.D.
Provincial Commissioner
Perugia Province

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