RG331 10504/128/2 Correspondence Files Vol 2 of 2 Aug 1944-Dec 1944



7 July 1944
SUBJECT: Report of Month Ending June 30.
TO: A. M. G. 8th Army


The Provincial Commissioner and Staff entered Perugia on June 21 and 22nd, The Prefect, a violent Fascist, had fled. The attitude of the population throughout the province is warmly pro-ally and anti-fascist. Consultations were hold with the National Liberation Committee and representative individuals with a view to choosing replacement for the Fascist personnel who had fled. In view of the fact that certain candidates were still in enemy territory it was decided to appoint Vice Prefect only with powers delegated to act as Prefect. Avvocato Peano was appointed to this post, who had been universally recommended for a high position.

Purging of Administration of Fascists
All officials appearing on list of 8th Army Directive of 8th of June who remained, were either arrested or dismissed in accordance nth that directive and each head of division, in consultation with the Public Safety has prepared list of Fascist officials to be dismissed. In each division the dismissals took place within the first week of July.

Administration of Province
The immediate problem in to secure transport so that provincial officials can carry out their duties and a courier system organised for establishing communications between the Prefettura and the Communes. All vehicles are being registered and this will be organised immediately.
Approximately 50% of the water supply and the electricity is now functioning in the Province. In Perugia City where the main water supply was broken and under enemy fire, an emergency system of water supply and distribution was organised in conjunction with the army.


The “vetting” of public officials proceeded satisfactorily. It is hoped that “vetting” may be completed by mid-month.
The Questura is being reorganised and consideration has been given to the possible candidate for Questore to replace the Questore who fled.
Guardia Forestale in being vetted. Individual members are being used by Economics and Supply Division.
Relations with Military Police and F.S.S. are excellent.
Effective steps have been taken for control and licensing of Civilian Motor Vehicles. Doctors, necessary public officials and alimentation trucks, only, are being licensed at this time.
Civilian internees have been taken in charge by F.S.S. or evacuated by Displaced Persons Branch.
Curfew is being enforced from 2200 to 0400 hours throughout the province.
Fire brigades in Perugia and Spoleto are well organized and functioning. The equipment is reported to be in good shape but has not yet been inspected.


The following departments are organized and functioning in this province:
Insp. of Agricoltura
Consorzio Agrario
Ministero dell’Industria e del Commercio
The head and assistant head of Consorzio Agrario were dismissed and also the head of Accertamento. Proper replacements have been made. The Director of the Union of Fascist Agriculture was dismissed.
The head and assistant head of Consorzio of Threshing was dismissed and the organisation placed under the Inspector of Agriculture.
The Province in self-subsistent in regard to grain. oil and vegetables. Imports of salt sugar and canned milk are necessary. People of the entire province are being supplied with their proper ration of food.
Harvesting is proceeding quite well, however we are now delayed by lack of fuel for threshing machines.
A complete survey is being made from this office by personnel of the previously mentioned organisation of each Commune in the province.


General Order No 2 has now posted in the following Communes and all financial matters have been reactivated:
Perugia June 26
Foligno June 29
Spoleto June 29
Assisi June 30
Marsciano July 1
Spello June 29
Todi June 19
Città della Pieve Post Office was opened and Banks will open July 6.
Advances made were the following:
TODI Sussidi di militari to the Post Office L. 100.000.
CITTÀ DELLA PIEVE Communal relief to the amount of L.50.000.
Sussidi Militari. L. 100.000 to the Post Office.
The Director of Perugia Post Office will be removed from office because he was in the Fascist Republican Party.
The private insurance companies are not to operate any other activities except for the collection of premiums. Social insurance companies have been given instructions to operate,
It has not been necessary to advance funds for any Purpose. The Bank of Italy is well supplied with funds to take care of all advances.
It has approximately. 50.000.000 in cash.


A Judicial Committee consisting of the President of the Court of Appeal, Procuratore del Rel, Procuratore Generale and the President of the Tribunale was immediately set up. The Judiciary in Perugia was very uncontaminated by Fascism and in September 1943 the Fascists set up a commission to enquire into Anti-Fascist acts committed by the judiciary between July and September 1943.
In conjunction with Public Safety enquiry was made and seven
[Remainder of this report is missing]

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