RG331 10504/128/2 Correspondence Files Vol 2 of 2 Aug 1944-Dec 1944

1 October 1944
SUBJECT: Monthly Report for September
TO: Headquarters, Lazio Region.


Under copy of letter from 8th Army to Region IV, received on September 23, 1944, it is assumed that the Province has been turned over to the Region IV about September 22nd but no official notice has been received fixing the date of the transfer. Army rear boundary now runs through the Province from Fossato di Vico through Perugia. Magione and thence north of Lake Trasimeno.
During this month, a review of the work and abilities of all. Sindaci was made in co-operation with the Prefect. About 12 Sindaci were found to have served under the Republican Fascist Regime and hence were dismissed and replaced. Many of the Sindaci have been named on the Provincial Commissioner’s a Advisory Council, and given a modest salary.
The pay of all public employees in the Province was. raised (by Order of Sept. 24, 1944) in accordance with the scale provided in G.O.6. The Prefect and others report that feeling has been aroused in certain parts of the Province by the release by the reviewing authority of prominent category fascists from concentration camps where they were interned for a period of three months and their return to their former place of residence.
The Provincial Legal Officer and Public Safety officer are making a study and report on the cases of 299 persons now held in prison for political reasons.
Wages of industrial workers in the Province were raised and fixed by Order effective September 24 at a scale approved by 8th Army.


251 A.M.G. cases were tried of which 134 were curfew, and ten kilometre violation. The C.A.O.s try their cases with care and give just sentences. All Italian Courts are functioning.


The Questura has been working well. Application is made for three Commissarios of Public Safety and it is hoped these will be sent soon. During the month (18th of Sept.), a career Vice-Questore reported for duty.
Defasciatization dismissals from public service now numb 886. Total public employees at time of liberation numbered 6055.
On September 26, 1944, Major Battersby assumed the position of Public Safety Officer, vice Captain Godbold assigned to Region XXII.


£ 800.000.000 were allotted to banks to finance the harvest of which £ 600.000.000 have already been advanced.
Bank deposits are over one Milliard of lire.
All communes have been inspected and advances made after inspections of communal budgets.
By Order of September 22, 1944 a Board of Bank Examiners appointed by me, after consultation with the Prefect and the Provincial Finance Officer, to examine the soundness of the Banks in the Province, but under verbal instructions from the Regional Executive received on October 1st, 1944, the work of this Board has been suspended pending the arrival of the Regional Officer.
Post Offices – Arrangements have been made for the opening of post offices for official mail.


The position is satisfactory, except for the absence of fats.
Salt has been distributed.
Arrangements have been made for the distribution of meats and fish regularly throughout the Province.
No sugar was received this month. 204 tons of AMG food were received.
319,713 gals of P.O.L. were received.
Industry: Match, Cigarette. Tomato Canning and children’s Clothing factories have been restarted.


Grain threshed (to Sept. 24) 1,824,000 qtls
Amassed (to Sept 24) 697,000
To be amassed 170,000
The export of wheat to Rome is proceeding smoothly and through September 30th, 1237 tons were loaded. 358 head of cattle have been exported this month for the production of Anti-Foot and Mouth disease vaccine.


Distribution is being made of clothing, 25,000 garments to persons whose clothes have been lost through war damage.
A supply of medicine has been received and distribution is being made to the Communes in proportion to demands received. There have been 170 cases of Typhoid and para-Typhoid in the District of Città di Castello. Outbreak now under control and vaccine distributed.


Electricity: No change since last report.
RRepairs to generating plants are proceeding with Army assistance.
Water: Some damage resulted from floods which has been repaired, but no further shortage is now expected.
Roads: All Military roads have been surveyed by Engineers of 52 CRE in co-operation with civil engineers of this section.
Bridges: A Priority program has been worked out in conjunction with 52 CRE, and. work proceeding in accordance with 2 it. Owing to defective electrical equipment production of cement at Spoleto has dropped to 50 tons per day. New electrical equipment found and in 2 weeks production is expected to be 200 Tons a day. No shortage of bricks, quarries or sand.


[Two versions of this report were prepared, the first for AMG Eighth Army, the second for Lazio-Umbria Region. Section 8 (Public Works) was not included in the second version, but is reproduced here for the sake of completeness]

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