Program of internships of the Fondazione Ranieri di Sorbello

The Fondazione Ranieri di Sorbello has agreements with the following institutions to host trainees to be involved in the activities of the Foundation.

 University of Perugia

The Foundation accommodates trainees who are completing their studies before graduation. Each student has a certain amount of hours to use according to their different study plan. Since 2011 about nine students completed an internship in the Foundation working  for a minimum of 75 hours  to a maximum of 240 hours.

 University of Perugia (Stage POST-GRADUATE) Job Placement Service

The Foundation hosts students for internships.

 The Umbra Institute

Since 2007 the Ranieri di Sorbello has been hosting periodically internships of American students from the Umbra Institute, a center for higher education offering academic programs for undergraduate students of United States colleges. Internees elaborate projects and texts connected to the House Museum and the Library collections working mostly with the supervision of the Library and the Promotional Staff. According to the cooperation agreement, the Foundation also offered awards for the most outstanding students of the Umbra Institute as well as organizing and promoting, jointly with U.I, annual lectures and other initiatives.

 University of Perugia – Confapi – ICSIM

 “Expert in the management of contemporary enterprises” course (400 hours in classroom  and 720 hours – 6 months – Internship). The Foundation hosts trainees.

 Cidis onlus

The Cidis non-profit educational agency  is organizing a training course “Planner and promoter of specialized itineraries and tour packages”. The course includes 300 hours in classroom and 4 months of paid internship with a grant offered by the Provincia dell’Umbria. The Foundation made an agreement to host trainees.

 Jacobilli Library in Foligno

The ITER consortium – Innovation, tertiary educational Accredited Agency, thanks to the European fundings  is organizing the training course “Cataloguer of modern books” including 300 hours in classroom and an internship. Part of the trainees will work in the Jacobilli Library, which also asked our availability to host  trainees in our library.

 Artedata School of Matera

Artedata is a school based in Florence and Matera and it’s collaborating with institutions that can accomodate trainees from the “New Technologies Applied to Cultural Heritage”  course  in  the center Italy. The Foundation already hosted a trainee from this course.

 Intesa Sanpaolo Bank

In 2010 we had a trainee from the “Manager of educational services – specialist in art education” course sponsored by the Intesa Sanpaolo bank  and by the Umbria region. The total number of hours is 720 (classroom + internship), the internship  consisted in 120 hours of work  per month.

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