The Library, which has been in the keeping of the Fondazione Ranieri di Sorbello since 1995, finds its origins in the 18th century collection of volumes belonging to Marquises Bourbon del Monte di Sorbello, in particular Uguccione III (1737-1816), Diomede (1743-1811) and Ugolino (1745-1809).

The first inventory we have, comprising about 3.000 volumes, dates from 1802.

The Foundation’s digital catalogue about its art collections is available online.
Follow this procedure to access to the catalogue:

  1. Click on
  2. Click on “ricerca AVANZATA”
  3. On the pull-down menu called “cerca in” select “Scheda OA- Opera e Oggetto d’Arte”
  4. On the section called CONTENITORE, click on the little blue book on the right and then select the section CASA MUSEO DI PALAZZO SORBELLO
  5. On the section OGGETTO, write down in the box on the right the exact word of the object you are looking for (i.e. tovaglia, brocca, stampa)
  6. Click on the button RICERCA in the lower right

Attention: it may take a few minutes  for your research to start.