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The Fondazione Ranieri di Sorbello has published the volumes listed below. Scrolling this web page, one can seek information or book one of the many titles available: simply click on the square next to the title of your choice and complete the form at the end of the page with your personal details.

Fondazione Ranieri di Sorbello: Library, Archive and the Prints Collection

edited by Fondazione Ranieri di Sorbello

It is a cathalogue, illustrated, about the history of the family Bourbon di Sorebllo, the Library and the prints collection.

ISBN: 88-87270-12-0 - Price: 5,00 € - Add book

The Trasimene Line

edited by Janet Kinrade Dethick

Narration provided by the experiences of fighters and civilians of one of the most bloody battles in Italian war between German and Allies forces during the summer of 1944.

ISBN: 88-87270-23-6 - Price: esaurito € - Add book

Perugia Liberata. Documenti anglo-americani sull’occupazione alleata di Perugia (1944-1945)

edited by Roger Absalom

Around two hundred original documents (666 pages) with captions and footnotes. Furthermore, a valuable analytic index with more than 1000 words and bilingual abbreviations.


ISBN: 88-222-4961-5 - Price: 56,81 € - Add book

Gli Alleati a in Umbria (1944-’45). The Allies in Umbria (1944-’45)

edited by Ruggero Ranieri

The book includes the proceedins of the “Giornata degli Alleati”, held at the Fondazione Ranieri di Sorbello on January 12, 1999.
It brings together papers and memoirs delivered by Italian and English personalities. It also contains a selection of precious photos of the period
The essays cover the military events leading to the liberation of Perugia as well as the politics of Allied Military Government in Umbria between June 1944 and May 1945.

ISBN: 88-87270-07-4 - Price: 23,24 € - Add book

Civitella Ranieri. A thousand years of history

edited by Marilena de Vecchi Ranieri

A noble family of distant origin living in a medieval castle in the Italy, it may sound as an introduction to a fable. In truth this book is the history of the Ranieri family written by marchesa Marilena de Vecchi Ranieri.
The book recostructs the history of the Civitella Ranieri situated near Umbertide (Perugia) and discuses the important role the Ranieri family had in central Italy dating back to 1000 AD. 

ISBN: 88-87270-04-X - Price: 12,91 € - Add book

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